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Strategic Profitability Analysis

Strategic Profitability Analysis


You will be awarded a Course Compeltion Certificate at the end of the Course


Description: Learn how to evaluate the success of a business in generating profit from the implementation of its strategy. "If you’re trying to prepare for an eventual career in finance, but are still looking to round out your knowledge of the subject, The Complete Financial Analyst Course might be a perfect fit for you.", Business Insider"A Financial Analyst Career is one of the top-paying entry-level jobs on the market.” "Even in the toughest job markets, the best candidates find great positions.", ForbesYou simply have to find a way to acquire practical skills that will give you an edge over the other candidates.But how can you do that?You haven’t had the proper training, and you have never seen how analysts in large firms do their work ...Stop worrying, please! We are here to help.The Complete Financial Analyst Course is the most comprehensive, dynamic, and practical course you will find online.


What you will Learn? 

  • What are generic strategies?
  • The technique of evaluating success strategy implementation.
  • Calculate Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, and Growth ratios to analyze a company’s performance

  • Understand 10-K reports

  • Assess whether a project is feasible through the Net present value technique

  • Calculate a complete loan schedule

  • Understand the difference between variable and fixed interest rates

  • Perform industry analysis

  • Understand what drives a company’s value

  • Know how to analyze a business

  • Work comfortably with Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Create professional company presentations in PowerPoint

  • Become a successful Financial Analyst in no time – if you follow the course fully


Intended Audience: 

MBA, BBA Students

Management Professionals

Middle level Line of Business Managers


Prerequisites: None

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