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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management


You will be awarded a Course Compeltion Certificate at the end of the Course


Say hello to Financial Analysis done right. You'll master sophisticated investment analysis and portfolio management techniques that are rigorously grounded in academic and practitioner literature.Explore and master powerful relationships between stock prices, returns, and risk. Quantify and measure your investment risk, from scratch.Discover what your financial advisor should be doing to manage your portfolio - to manage your investments.Do all of this, and a whole lot more... manually, as well as on Excel® and Google Sheets, working with real world data.

What you will learn 


  • Calculate stock returns manually as well as on Excel and Google Sheets, using real world data obtained from free sources.

  • Estimate the Expected Returns of Stocks using the Mean Method, State Contingent Weighted Probabilities, as well as Asset Pricing Models.

  • Calculate the total risk, market risk, and firm specific risk of stocks from scratch, and explore how the different risks interact.

  • Understand why the math works, and why equations work the way they do - even if your math is weak and if math freaks you out.

  • Witness the power of diversification and how the risk of your portfolio can be lower than the individual assets that make up the portfolio!

  • Measure your investment portfolio's performance by calculating portfolio returns and risks.

  • Optimise your portfolios by maximising your returns while minimising your risk


Intended audience 

  • No prior knowledge required. We start from the very basics. And build you to an Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Guru.

  • It's okay if math freaks you out. Seriously. Every single equation is explained one variable at a time. We rip it apart to its core, and show you how simple it really is.

  • Knowledge of basic statistical analysis is useful but NOT essential.

  • You'll need a calculator, access to Microsoft Excel® OR a Google account (Google Sheets)


Prerequsite Not required

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