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Hyper Automation Primer

Hyper Automation Primer


You will be awarded a Course Compeltion Certificate at the end of the Course


Description: In this course we’ll provide you with a clear overview of robotic process automation including: Robotic Process Automation history & drivers Benefits, challenges, and risks of Robotic Process Automation Industries & applications where RPA fits the best An overview of current Robotic Process Automation tools & capabilities A basic software robot demo An implementation plan you can use as a guideline to introduce Robotic Process Automation into your company.


What you will Learn? 

  • Understand what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is.
  • Experience an RPA demo.
  • Understand why RPA is a massive career & earning opportunity.
  • Know which RPA tools are most relevant Understand the challenges & risks when implementing RPA.


Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting and keeping a white collar job in the near future. Test automation engineers who want to make a larger impact and increase earning potential.


Prerequisites: Not Required

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