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Design Thinking

Design Thinking


You will be awarded a Course Compeltion Certificate at the end of the Course


Description: In this course you'll learn everything there is to know about design thinking. This is the only course on the market that not only shows the high-level process but also goes through each one of the steps in detail. In this design thinking course you'll get to work on an actual business case example - we'll be using design thinking to create the restaurant experience of your dreams.


What you will Learn? 

In this design thinking course you will learn:

  • How to tackle any design challenge that has been presented to you.
  • How to not only do the customer research to fully understand the perspective of your customers but also how to synthesis and use the results.
  • 29 methods that are fully integrated creating this unique design thinking process.
  • How the entire design thinking process works so that you can use any methods you might already know or even create you own exciting methods.
  • How to prepare your or your client's business for the deliver of the experience that has been designed - no other course covers these aspects.


Intended Audience: Those who want a fresh and updated look on Design Thinking and understand exactly how to work it. Designers working closely with their clients wanting to create a great impact and deliver amazing and unique results within their projects. Business owners wanting to reach their customers on a real level and dramatically improve their experience. Product owners wanting to have a full grasp on the design thinking process and use it to improve their products. Professionals using Design Thinking methods and tools daily but are looking for a fresh look on things.Researchers that care deeply about creating exceptional customer experiences - this is the only course covering the details of research preparation and synthesis.


Prerequisites: Not Required

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