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Market for Lean 6σ Professionals

Pro's earn 10% to 20% more & Starters get 5-15% higher, world’s number 1 jobsite states that the national average salary for a Green Belt in 2016 was $83000 per year in the United States. For Certified Black Belts, it is $99000 per year. For Certified Master Black Belts, it is even more at $121000.

According to data updated in January 2017 by, in the Indian subcontinent, the stack-up is equally impressive ranging from INR 5 lakh for an Operations Team Leader to INR 10 lakh for Quality Assurance Managers. These numbers are not to boast about potential earnings. This should give you some idea about how sought after Six Sigma professionals are.

Leaders Prefer to Hire Certified Lean 6σ Pros

We surveyed 627 executives across 298 companies of varying size, across industries. The participants were hiring managers; e.g., Program Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents. The departments chosen were product design & management, process control, quality, engineering, operations, human resources, corporate functions and technical including IT.

Increasing Demand

Finding Lean Six Sigma Certified Professionals both as full time employees or as consultant is difficult. The gap in supply and demand of LSS Certified Pros is large and has been consistent over time.

Such professionals help define and drive the strategy and then continually work to ensure improvements and sustenance.

The one factor that all organizations understand is “the change imperative”. Lean and Six sigma embrace change. Using the frameworks, structure and set of techniques of the Lean Six Sigma organizations world over are geared up, and have been doing this since decades, to optimize, grow and succeed.

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Comparitive Salary Survey & Positioning
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Salary survey
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