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What is the difference between Lean Six-sigma Training & Lean Six-Sigma Certification?

Lean Six-sigma Training is a multi-day or a multi-week trainer led or self learning curriculum.  You learn the concepts & methodologies of applying Lean Six-Sigma and its applications in different organisations; e.g. yellow belt, green belt. Lean Six-sigma  certificate is issued by a recognised certification authority based on a test that you take. The above training helps you prepare for the certification test.

Do I get a certificate when I take the course?

Yes. You get a certificate issued by The Janus Institute for taking the course and qualifying the course test conducted by the institute.

What is the difference between Six-sigma, Lean methodology & Lean Six-sigma?

Six-Sigma: Six Sigma is a methodology for process improvement.

Lean: Lean is a methodology that helps drive effective & efficient business outcomes on the basis of waste reduction. 
Lean Six-sigma: LSS is a methodology , popularly known as a hybrid methodology.It combines the best of both Lean and Six Sigma. It is used to eliminate waste in ways defined by Lean while also seeking to improve processes using Six Sigma frameworks.

How does Lean Six-Sigma training benefits me?

LSS course creates a new competency. A LSS Trained Pro is positioned to get better jobs, have faster and better career progression with potentials of higher compensation. LSS courses are designed to improve skills and capabilities in the area of Quality management,Waste reduction,Process improvements and achieving near zero defects business outcomes.

What if, I want to make a career in Quality management?

Take the LSS Yellow or Green belt course.Quality Management is a processes of ""controlling, ensuring, and improving quality"" in business productivity and operations. Its 4 main components are : Quality Planning ,Quality Control,Quality Assurance,Quality Improvement.

Quality control careers require at least an intermediate knowledge of Lean six-sigma , its techniques and tools. The LSS Yellow/Green belts courses builds these capabilities in you. These position you to pursue a career in Quality Management.

Can I make a career as a Lean Six Sigma professional?

Yes. These careers have potential of higher compensation and faster career growth.
Lean Six-Sigma Trained Pros are much in demand in the industry , Government & other kinds of organisations. Companies pursuing growth, innovation and other goals seek to complement their teams with LSS Trained pros. Such competencies are valued by organisation's HR departments and hiring managers. We highly recommend positioning yourself as a Lean Six-Sigma trained professional.

What are the roles for full-time Six Sigma professionals within organizations?

Quality Manager, Quality consultant, Process improvement specialist, Product engineer, Quality control specialist, Quality Auditors. Product management, product planner, Strategy consultant, Process analyst, Operations analyst, Operations manager, BPO Team leads, Customer service professionals, BPO analysts, BPO process designer and many more.

What is the earning advantage for Six Sigma professionals?

Pro's earn 10% to 20% more
Starters get 5-15% higher

What are the benefits of these courses for me as a potential trainee?

Higher earning potential and faster career growth while creating competencies in Quality Management & Lean Six-sigma.
Such trained Pros can contribute to the organisations in the following ways including , but not limited to :-
1. Helping build better products and services, focussed on market needs.
2. Make process improvements.
3. Create near zero-defect or zero-defect processes, systems, product & services.
4. Reduce waste in the organisation.
5. Optimise cost structures.
6. Plan and implement performance improvements.

What are the Benefits for Employers?

Employer organisations benefit by higher performing employees.
LSS trained Pros typically create value by delivering higher performance in relatively shorter time frames, help deliver lower cost and higher quality products, services and processes. Employers recognise that Lean six-sigma and other Quality Management capabilities directly contribute to top line growth objectives and improving bottom line profits.

Training Related

Do i require prior work experience to undertake Lean Six-Sigma Certification?

No you don’t need any prior work experience to undertake Lean Six-Sigma Training or Certification.

How do I start with my lean Six-sigma training?

Sign up for the Lean six-sigma Yellow belt training. This is your first step.

What trainings does The Janus Institute offer ?

We offer Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Trainings currently.

The Black Belt and Master Black Belt Trainings are coming in 2020.

Why should I choose The Janus Institute for my Lean Six Sigma Trainings? 

  1. The In-Class training led by Senior Executives as teachers & mentors combined with Adaptive Teaching techniques & tools and 1 year IASSC certification exam support makes it a unique value proposition which is unmatched in the industry. This is a Best In Class model in the LSS training industry worldwide.

  2. We use bilingual, In-Class training based on local needs.

  3. Students get 1 year of free interactive support, after they have finished the Training, again an unmatched service provided to students.

  4. Lean Six-Sigma Clinic is a unique to itself concept. The Clinic provides case studies, real world problem solving and above all, application of Lean Six Sigma in unique projects.

  5. Lean Six- Sigma Project Engagement is another unique concept. It provides real project experience for Trainees both students and working professionals to Gain Competitive Advantage of applying LSS while learning it too.These project engagements leads to a Training Certification Test if the learner so choose to.  At the end of the engagement the parent firm of The Janus Institute, named VXXIV Corp, provides an Experience Certificate for the LSS Project Engagement.

What is our mode of Delivery of Training?

At present we are offering In-Class Trainings. However, we are developing competing modes of Training delivery. 

  1. In class -delivery with minimum number of Contact hours (Minimum 80% Attendance compulsory)

  2. Distance Learning as...

    • Virtual classroom session (Attendance minimum, Virtual contact hours) Full length of the video, full length of the hours

    • Computer based learning that is both Lock step and Self pace

    • Outsourced/Franchise Learning Partners using The Janus Institute led methods, syllabus and Tests

  3. Hybrid : Virtual classroom + In Class assistance (Minimum 80% Attendance compulsory)

What is the cost of the course?
Visit our Course Listing and Fee.

The Training Fee includes In-Class Training and a Test conducted by The Janus Institute. This test is in alignment with matching Belt Tests from IASSC and therefore follows the same pattern of testing and assessment that helps you prepare for the Certification Test if you so choose to take it.

What does your course material include?

Our training kit includes:

  1. Exclusive training hours for the LSS Training

  2. Training course material

  3. Cases studies

  4. The Janus Institute Belt Test

  5. A Certificate of LSS Belt

  6. One year Interaactive Support after the course completion

  7. One Year IASSC Certificate Tests Support

Who will conduct the Trainings?
Our Trainers are Senior Executives in the Industry who have applied Lean Six Sigma and are also trained in Lean Six Sigma.


What are the Payment options?
Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you via email.

  1. Payment through Card (Debit or Credit)

  2. Direct to Bank Paymen

What if I want to know more about the Training?
You can Send a WhatsApp Message (+1.302.354.2095, +91.979.464.0327), Call us (+1.888.579.9991), or Request a Call Back through the Contact Us Page to have your queries resolved.

Having completed my training course, what should be my next step ?

We recommend taking the exam certification offered by IASSC.
IASSC Certification is a globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Certification. IASSC has been conducting Professional Credentialing in Lean Six Sigma based on their mission of bringing Certification Best Practices to the industry since 2009.


Does the Training requires exams at the end of the training?
Yes, We do conduct Tests at the end of the Training. However, the Certificates are not entirely dependent on your passing the Test.

What kind of Certificate do I get after the Training?

We issue two kinds of Certificates

  1. TJI Certified LSS Belt Professional - Issued when you have successfully passed our Test at the end of the course

  2. TJI LSS Belt Trained Pro - In case you do not succced in the Training Test, we issue you this certificate

What is the TJI Assessment / Exam / Test?

The Janus Institute conducts compulsory Assessments / Tests at the end of the Training. This is an Open Book Test. The only Open Books allowed in this Test is the Course Material provided to the learner as a part of the Training. The Assessments are aligned with the IASSC Belt Exams. Our Tests prepare you to take the IASSC Belt Tests immediately.

Are the Test Assessments Open Book or Closed Book Exam?

The Training Tests are Open Book exams.

How many questions are there in the Test Papers?

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam is a 60 question, open book, proctored exam with a Two hour allotted time. The Green Belt exam is a 100 question, open book, proctored exam with a Three hour allotted time. These patterns are in line with IASSC Certification Assessment except for the IASSC assessments are a closed book assessments.


How much do i have to score in order to qualify in the TJI Training Test?
For Yellow Belt you have to score 230 points out of a potential 300 points. For the Green belt you have to score 385 points out of a potential 500 points.

IASSC Certification Questions

Are there prerequisites for taking the IASSC Certification Tests?

No. There are no prerequisites to take the Lean Six-Sigma Certification test with IASSC.

Why is an Independent Third-party certification important?
Third-party certification is a method of certification that is independently developed and verified. This Certification body, in this case IASSC does not offer any kind of Training or Courses. This removes the conflict of interest between the IASSC and the student/learner taking the Certification Test. 

What is the pattern of Exams conducted by IASSC?
All Exam questions are multiple choice and true/false, with the number of questions varying with the level of certification.

The type of Certifications tests IASSC Offer?
IASSC™ offers three Lean Six Sigma Certifications.
● IASSC Black Belt Certification™,
● IASSC Green Belt Certification™,
● IASSC Yellow Belt Certification™.

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