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Fees & Financial Assistance

Fee Credits, Waivers & Installment plans available

1. Exceptional and/or meritorious students that double up as in-class teaching assistance with The Janus Institute are offered benefits of Fee-Credits. The decision is on a per case basis and is based on your grades, current performance in your regular course, the assistance you are providing to teach this course.​


2. Financial Aids: 50% to 100% aid, from The WellBeing Foundation, Is available to economically weaker students. We will help and facilitate the simple process of application. It takes between 1-3 business days in getting disposal. 

3. Fee credit: Up to 50% of fee credit is available from The Wellbeing Foundation, for leadership in community volunteering. Such initiatives must be either sponsored or approved by the foundation. The initiative execution must start after you finish the course. We will help you apply for the approval and its disposal. Typically it takes a 7-10 business days and several interviews to get such approvals.

4. Instalment Payments: Deserving applications may be considered for instalment payment of the course fee. The decision is on a case to case basis.

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