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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a boon to the marketing sector and refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands.

Polish your skills, manage creativity, and the art of selling. Utilize digital technologies and platforms to promote brands and connect with potential customers. Drive traffic to your business while targeting defined segments by product, service, geography, demography, among many other basis.

Our Vision...

"Prepare a reserve army of market ready professionals by developing employment based skills."

Testimonials from learners...

Adam Reardon  |  Product Design Consultant
Health Tech Product company, Hong Kong

"The Lean Six Sigma Course helped me transition my career from a technologist to a Line of Business Manager. Right out of the course I landed a job with a 18% hike in a large manufacturing unit in the design quality.

Thanks to Vinod Rai, my instructor and guide, I am now contributing to the product development process.

Cynthia Ray |  Sr. Quality Manager
Large BPO Company, Hong Kong

"Attitude, patience, knowledge of Gregory Tumble, my mentor, and adaptive teaching methods helped me clear the Black Belt Six Sigma course in my first attempt.

I highly recommend The Janus Institute for its method of training and job mentoring post the course".

Amitav Roy  |  AVP Customer Service
Credit Management Firm, USA

"I love my Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt from The Janus Institute. Their implementation of the adaptive learning methods is so very impressive. I was able to bring my learnings immediately to my workplace.

Prasant Narain, I thank you for your on the job mentoring and the valuable time spent in the learning sessions

Chen Choi | VP Design Engineering
Telecom Product Company, Hong Kong

My 8 people design engineering team has a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt from The Janus Institute.

I highly recommend to take this course for career development and skill development from them. The great mix of theory and application brings immediate benefits to organizational units like ours. Thank you Vinod Rai for your commitment to our success.

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